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The First Steps: What I'm all about

Welcome to my first ever blog post! (Yay!)

For those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you know this has been a long time coming and I apologise for the extended wait. The truth is, I didn't really know how to start. As you might appreciate, with everything that goes into writing novels and then getting them ready for success in the publishing world, it was too easy to let this slip down the priority list.

But now I'm back on track and will be publishing blogs such as this on a weekly basis as a minimum. So prepare yourselves for some great upcoming content!

Now, where to begin? - Bilbo Baggins

It's a great question. Where do I begin? I decided to keep things simple and start with telling you about my vision for my books, the worlds they will bring to life and how I, as the writer, will deliver them to you.

For those that know me, you'll already be familiar with how much of a fantasy geek I am. I first got introduced to fantasy by playing a little game you might have heard off called The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. After that, 10-year-old Will's fate was sealed. This was my first experience with anything that could be called fantasy or at least the kind that I've come to love. Yes, I know, it's not a book and I did in fact finish Morrowind several months before I started reading Lord of the Rings, which was my second exposure, but the impact was nonetheless profound.

Where it all began....

I'll spare you the history lesson, but take my word that this game was incredible! I'd never seen anything like it before and it got my creative juices flowing like crazy. I sank my teeth into fantastic books in the Deltora Quest series and Fiest's Magician. It wasn't long after reading these that I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and could really start putting my imagination to work and bring some these strange creations I'd made to life.

I tell you this because I want you to know where my passion for world building started and what direction I wish to take my own. It has been a dream of mine since those early days to create and share a vivid, rich and detailed fantasy world full of wonderful people, creatures and events that others like me can lose themselves in. So for now, just understand that when you read my books, you aren't just experiencing the journey of my characters, you are also bearing witness to the growth and development of the world itself! The world I've come to know as Vhundus, on the continent of Asthradele (or at least part of it...)

A little catchphrase I like to wave around is this: My world is a much an evolving character as the people who inhabit it.

I will go into this more in future blogs, but I will leave you with this to ponder until then.

Little by little, one travels far - J.R.R Tolkien

Now, you already have seen (and probably read) my first novel, chronicling Seb's early adventure in Embered Soul, and the short tale of his encounter with the beast of Courdivel, so you might be wondering, what next?

Well, I've already passed halfway on Book 2 and it's quickly approaching 130,000 words - so its longer than Embered Soul already - but my writing and publishing schedule does not stop there. My plan going forward is to release each successive installment of Fall of Creation on an annual basis, so you can expect Book 2 in April 2021. If that sounds like a long time, I have a few ways to help alleviate the wait time.

First, my books from here on out will be long, beefy and jam packed with hours of adventures and characters that I know will spark the joy of every fantasy lover out there, so it will keep you occupied for quite some time after release.

Second, I plan on continuing the trend of releasing smaller, episodic stories that chronicle the adventures and backstories of the various other characters that you'll be introduced to as my world expands and evolves. I will eventually plan to combine these into an omnibus collection and release them in physical editions, so you'll be able to add them to your bookshelf alongside the main releases.

Finally, I plan on introducing writing and art competitions to allow the community to get involved in the world building by making contributions and bringing aspects of the world they enjoy to life. All of these events will feature prizes and publication and recognition of your on my website and various pages. There is even a chance for what you create to be featured in the stories themselves! How does that sound?

The continent of Asthradele...but not all of it!

Let's wrap it up

All in all, I want you to take away two things from today's blog.

1) That I am committed to evolving my world and bringing you readers along with me so that I can create, not only compelling stories, but an authentic world in which they take place. Make no mistake, this will be a continuous, long-term venture!

2) That you can expect from me a consistent publication schedule with frequent updates, info dumps and engaging content to keep you itching for next installment in the series. I write between 1,500-2,000 words a day, so you can also expect me to churn out great stories nice and quick!

That's all for today folks, and thanks for embarking on this journey with me. If you haven;t picked up a copy of Embered Soul yet, make sure you do so today through Amazon! The link is on my website.

If you have read Seb's journey, please leave a rating and review on my Amazon store page and Good Reads to assist me in getting my story out to more avid fans like yourself! You have my thanks.

Take care, and happy reading until next time,


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